Visit Styra and Open Policy Agent at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2020!

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America Virtual starts today! And, if it is anything like KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU virtual this past August, we should all get ready for a great lineup of speakers, sessions and lively conversations. We’re really excited to support and interact with our customers and the community at our virtual booth in Silver Hall B, “on stage” presenting the latest and greatest Open Policy Agent (OPA) features and through social media and the Slack channels. We’ll also be providing both scheduled and on-demand technical demos all week at our booth, so be sure to stop by! 

And, what’s a conference, even a virtual one, without some swag! We’ll be offering limited availability OPA t-shirts to anyone that visits the booth, as well as Styra hats and OPA socks to folks that schedule a demo with us. You’ll be good to go from your head to your toes! 



Supporting the OPA community with new Styra DAS Free and DAS Pro offerings

When you visit us at our booth, be sure to chat with us about our new editions of Styra Declarative Authorization ServiceDAS Free and DAS Pro! These new editions, along with the existing DAS Enterprise, give teams of any size and stage a budget-friendly and fast option to operationalize OPA at scale for Kubernetes.

Platform engineers can get started with DAS Free, a completely free, self-service option for up to two clusters or 10 nodes to streamline the adoption process. For teams with larger production scale needs, DAS Pro is also totally self-service, and offers a clear and transparent pricing model for up to 50 nodes, to protect and manage Kubernetes clusters as they grow from initial testing/deployment to full production environments. And, of course, the existing DAS Enterprise supports unlimited OPA deployments and rules with around the clock support, volume discounting, and large enterprise security and management features. 

Plus, what’s really coolwhether you use Styra DAS Free, DAS Pro or DAS Enterpriseyou have access to the same management plane, policy libraries, impact analysis and monitoring and decision logging. It’s the best of both (or every) world! 


Open Policy Agent featured in 10 different sessions

After you talk to us at our booth and see a demo, be sure to check out any one (or all!) of the OPA related talks. Maintainers and end-users from our team, Google, Microsoft, VMware, Booz Allen Hamilton, Aqua Security, Sysdig and more, will feature OPA in their sessions throughout the week, showing how OPA enables teams to secure and accelerate Kubernetes and microservices deployments with cloud-native authorization. 

On Wednesday, our own Patrick East is pairing up with Max Smythe from Google for an introduction session on OPA and will be providing updates on recent features in OPA and OPA Gatekeeper. If you are interested in cloud-native policy and security, this session is for you! Don’t forget to also attend Patrick’s second session, “‘Customizing OPA for a “Perfect Fit’ Authorization Sidecar” on Friday.  

And, on Thursday afternoon, another Styra star, Ash Narkar, is presenting “Secure Policy Distribution with OPA,” in which he’ll describe how OPA can assist in the secure distribution of policies and data by creating a signed policy bundle. His demo will show an end-to-end flow of generating and validating a signed bundle, and also how this reduces OPA’s attack surface. 

So, grab your drink of choice and a snack, and be prepared for a week of learning about cloud-native authorization, Styra DAS and how the community is using OPA in production! 

Visit us at our booth in Silver Hall B and schedule a demo here


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