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Styra DAS Free Expands to Manage OPA in Any Cloud-Native System

March 25, 2021

As part of Styra’s vision for unified authorization, we founded the Open Policy Agent project (OPA) to make policy-based control of the cloud-native stack accessible to everyone. OPA has now grown to become the de facto standard for authorization across the stack, leading to a large part of the community looking for ways to manage the OPA policy-as-code lifecycle. In order to help users deploy OPA and save them time by making policy implementation, monitoring, and management frictionless, quick and accessible, we announced Styra DAS Free last year. 

When first introduced, DAS Free provided developers with a low-barrier approach to managing Kubernetes Admission Control by eliminating the need to custom code OPA policies. Since Kubernetes Admission Control is really only a small part of the nearly infinite applications of OPA, we wanted to provide users a fast path to value that also reduces the burden of managing OPA policies, while providing a way to manage, monitor, audit and generally see the impact of policy as code for any desired use case. 

Introducing Custom Systems for DAS Free


With the new addition of custom systems in Styra DAS Free, we now offer a faster path to value for use cases outside of Kubernetes Admission Control. This allows developers a no-cost, self-service way to experience the benefits of decoupled policy as code for unified authorization across the stack. Styra DAS Free now provides the exact same OPA control plane as has been proven out in our largest global OPA deployments, so OPA users can quickly and easily see the impact of policy as code, for Kubernetes Admission control and now any desired use case. The addition of custom systems in Styra DAS Free provides a faster path to value for all OPA authorization use cases across cloud applications and infrastructure, including: service mesh, app authorization, SSH, config authorization/validation, conftest and more. 

Get More From Open Policy Agent

Styra DAS Free now gives Developers, DevOps, DevSecOps and Platform teams a completely free, turnkey control plane for Rego policies without having to build out a custom control plane in order to manage OPA. With these new updates, Styra DAS Free lets you:

  • Deploy OPA instantly, and see policy results in minutes.

    • Completely self-service

    • Prebuilt library of 100+ policies

  • See authorization policy results in real time.

    • Full OPA decision log, across all systems

    • Real-time compliance monitoring

    • Ability to replay and preview all OPA decisions

  • Get turnkey OPA management.

    • Manage OPA for any use case, K8s, microservices, app authz, SSH and more 

    • Single pane of glass for both implementation and ongoing maintenance

Styra DAS Free works for up to two systems, five OPA instances, and up to 20 policies. Of course if you have larger production needs, Styra DAS Enterprise allows you to expand to unlimited enforceable rules and systems to meet your needs.

We hope custom systems for DAS Free can help accelerate OPA implementation and reduce the time and resources spent on decoupling policy from underlying software and infrastructure.

If you’re ready to get started, try Styra DAS Free now! 


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