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Styra blends flexible integration and policy-as-code framework for Capital One

June 22, 2021

Capital One Financial Corporation is the nation’s largest direct bank. They have a well-earned reputation as a data and tech pioneer in the financial services industry and have long been progressive in setting a bold agenda around digital and tech transformation. This has meant operating years ahead of most enterprises in moving to the cloud, scaling in-house engineering workforce and adopting agile, microservices, open source and a modern data ecosystem.

It’s no surprise that Capital One was also an early adopter of Open Policy Agent (OPA). In 2020, to tackle a new opportunity, Capital One turned to the creators of OPA and found that Styra DAS could deliver what they needed.

The opportunity: a new internal Kubernetes platform aimed at transforming and modernizing the software delivery experience. Capital One rolled out the platform in mid-2020 and began migrating containerized apps from older platforms to the new platform.

They needed to operationalize the platform with a standardized, central control plane that provided pre-built Kubernetes PSP policies and easy authoring of custom policies, as well as enabling decision log visibility, policy authoring, tenant/cluster management and impact analysis.

Styra DAS helped them operationalize OPA at scale in the way they needed, scaling and standardizing the policy-based control and guardrails that are essential to the success of an enterprise-scale platform.

This isn’t a one-and-done success story. The positive outcomes keep coming, including:

  • Offloading repetitive tasks
  • Enabling developers to write just the amount of expressive Rego they need
  • Standardize best-in-breed technologies and frameworks
  • Innovate faster in a secure, flexible and highly efficient environment

The system is set up for success, with proactive guardrails and automation to ensure that they’re ready to stay at the leading edge. 

Read the case study to learn how Capital One's development teams uses Styra and OPA to drive the highest levels of efficiency and compliance. 


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