Styra and Amazic partner to accelerate growth in EMEA

In order to meet the increasing demand for OPA in EMEA, Styra and Amazic have signed a distributor agreement. With Amazic network of partners and resellers, Styra will significantly increase the reach and ability to support OPA users across the region. 


I’m excited to announce that Styra is now partnering with Amazic in Europe! Amazic empowers the IT individual by providing them with a unique platform of brands to discover, learn, purchase and market the latest IT technologies. This new partnership will allow Styra to reach more organizations that are looking to operationalize Open Policy Agent (OPA) at scale. 

In the last six months, we’ve expanded our footprint in Europe, and with this new partnership, we’ll be able to not only continue growing, but also provide an outlet for organizations to learn about cloud-native authorization and our policy-as-code solutions. 


About Styra DAS

Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS) provides security, operations and compliance guardrails to protect applications, as well as the infrastructure they run on. There are three editions of Styra DAS that enable teams of virtually any size and stage to operationalize OPA at scale across the stack. DAS Free is a completely free, self-service option for up to two clusters or 10 nodes to streamline the adoption process. And, for teams with larger production scale needs, DAS Pro offers a clear and transparent pricing model, for up to 50 nodes, to protect and manage Kubernetes clusters as they grow from initial testing/deployment to full production environments. Of course, the existing DAS Enterprise gives teams an edition that supports unlimited OPA deployments and rules with around the clock support. Customers of Styra DAS Free, Pro and Enterprise all have access to the same management plane, policy libraries, impact analysis, monitoring and decision logging.

About Amazic

Amazic is an international distributor, since 2009 they’ve been helping tech start-ups to grow their business in EMEA. They do that by growing a partner network and by finding new customers. 

When Amazic finds them, in many cases they provide them with training in those new technologies in order to help drive adoption.


Get started with Styra DAS today for free!


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