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April 9, 2019

In today’s highly competitive enterprise world, it’s a business necessity to be agile, to innovate faster, and to learn and adapt along the way. This new drive for agility and speed, combined with the increased importance of DevOps, is fueling the adoption of Open Source technologies across enterprises.

At Styra, our mission is to help enterprises rethink policy for cloud-native environments. That’s why we built the Open Policy Agent (OPA) project, hosted in the CNCF. OPA has been well proven in production deployments and has reached “Incubating” status within the CNCF, thanks to a vibrant community.

Through our direct enterprise OPA deployments, our embedded integrations with software partners, and our own commercial offerings, we at Styra have built significant domain expertise in helping companies get more from their cloud-native stack. Many OPA users have been working with us in production for a couple of years now, and many more are using OPA in their pre-production (dev, test, staging) environments as well.

Announcing Support for Open Policy Agent

With this expertise—and the growing adoption of OPA across businesses with varying levels of maturity and expertise in the cloud-native space—we’re excited and proud to officially announce our commercial support, professional services and training for OPA. We designed OPA to be simple to integrate and easy to deploy, but we understand that some enterprises may want help to leverage the best of what it can do, and to integrate it into more complex use cases. With these new offerings, we can be there for customers who need the reassurance, best practices, and backing of a dedicated entity who will stand behind the solution, and be a trusted development partner.

How Can Styra Help with OPA?

We, the founding team behind OPA, are now offering the following support and professional services offerings to our customers:

SLA-based incident support

We will help enterprises with time-sensitive projects that need to be addressed quickly to meet business objectives - whether those are questions to be answered or larger implementation problems to be solved.

Training on best practices and policy development

Our team will provide hands-on training for cloud, platform, and DevOps teams to understand your requirements, offer best practices on how best to leverage OPA, and also help to jumpstart policy development in Rego (OPA’s Policy Language).

Custom feature development and integrations

We are here to understand and help with integrations and features that are not readily available via the open source community.

We hope that these offerings help all our of OPA community by extending our team’s expertise to save time and resources so you can achieve your business goals and meet project timelines.

To inquire about our Open Policy Agent commercial support offerings, reach out to us at, or grab a copy of the support datasheet.


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