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Graphical policy editing in Styra Declarative Authorization Service

August 3, 2021

Open Policy Agent (OPA) is rapidly becoming a cornerstone in the management and maintenance of secure and compliant systems that align with industry and organizational best practices. As more organizations begin — or continue — their cloud-native digital transformation, the importance of policy-as-code only increases. Sometimes, though, becoming an expert in yet another tool or language isn’t in the cards. And, that knowledge gap can lead to IT, I&O, security, compliance, governance, and general line-of-business teams becoming increasingly isolated from new technologies such as Kubernetes, microservices and other code-centric solutions.

That’s where Rego Policy Builder comes in. Rego Policy Builder is a point-and-click policy editor in Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS) that provides a guided experience for developing policies in OPA’s declarative policy language, Rego. Rego’s declarative syntax and semantics are purpose-built to enable it to be extended into first-class high-level tooling, and with the addition of Rego Policy Builder, Styra DAS users have access to low-friction policy authoring, extending the ability to create policy-as-code to people and teams with more limited coding expertise.

Rego Policy Builder empowers more teams to take advantage of the speed and security of policy-as-code for unified authorization. Below are a few key features:

  • Embellished syntax makes each rule readable in English

Graphical Policy Editing in Styra Declarative Authorization Service 1

  • Guided workflow helps add less common syntactic features (e.g., mocking up data when writing tests)

Policy Builder Mock Test Data (2)

  • Policy rules are automatically organized into common blocks

Policy Builder - Automatic Organization of Policy Rules into Common Blocks

  • Ability to seamlessly toggle between Policy Builder and the traditional Rego Code View provides freedom of choice

Policy Builder Freedom of Choice

How to get started with Rego Policy Builder 

To use Policy Builder, simply navigate to any of your Systems in Styra DAS, select any Rego policy, and click the Builder Button Beta “Builder” button. Use the Policy Builder as a way to get started writing policies, a way to review existing policies with added structure, or to jump back in when you’ve written a bunch of policies in the past but have a little rust to shake off. 

If you do not yet have a Styra DAS Free Edition account, sign up using GitHub or Google SSO. We’ll spin up a Styra DAS instance for you within about 20 minutes or so, and you will receive an email when your environment is available.  

Of course, if you are an existing Styra DAS Pro or Enterprise user, we will happily provide you access to the beta. Simply reach out to your account team to get Rego Policy Builder enabled.

Once you’ve had some time to try out Policy Builder, please let us know what you think by filling out our feedback button, which is located in the Rego Policy Builder view.

Happy authoring!

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